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Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability

InSET provides knowledge on sustainable development models and the capacity to implement them in practice;
InSET promotes social dialogue, co-operation and coordination between different social groups;

Fulfill Needs for Education and Training

InSET has the capacity to build a functional link between the needs for education and sustainable development in economy and tourism in particular;
InSET supports the private sector and entrepreneurship in tourism, marketing, handicrafts, agriculture, food and organic products, environmentally friendly businesses, eco-businesses, and the green economy.

Networking at Different Levels

Partners will find a focus on building a network of communication and cooperation at the local and regional level, as well as opportunities for co-operation and coordination with the efforts of key stakeholders;
InSET has established its own international network with recognized institutions, associations and individuals in relevant fields from the Balkans, Europe and USA. This network of co-operation is over 15 years old and brings the experience of the founding members of InSET;
InSET is supported by an International Scientific and Professional Advisory Board, with whom it consults, discusses, and interacts. The International Board consists of foreign professionals in the Sustainable development, Tourism Industry, leaders of International Institutes and academics;

Excellence in

InSET offers high quality research
InSET offers studies, research reports and expertise in important areas of the economy, such as finance and real estate;

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